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Car Servicing at Kingston Garage, Clevedon & Yatton

Statement quality of servicing:

  • Skills & Experience
  • Diagnostic Scanners
  • Use of original parts
  • Servicing reports / tick sheets as standard
Servicing at Kingston Garage
Servicing at Kingston Garage

Warranty protected
Government legislation passed in 2003 called “Block Exemption” means that an independent garage can now carry out your car service, so that the warranty is still protected - this now means you no longer need to use a main dealer to do your car service.  At Kingston Garage we use GENUINE car parts of OE (Original Equipment) standard, making sure your warranty is protected at all times.  Main dealers may try and influence your decision to stay with them, but the reality is that a car service or car repair with a good independent garage is just as good, if not better and is always likely to be cheaper than what a main dealer charges.  In most cases, main dealers and independent garages use the same car part suppliers in the UK, so any misleading comments by a main dealer trying to entice you into staying with them are not really warranted – STOP getting ripped off by main dealers, because all our car parts are GENUINE approved car parts of OE standard.

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